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Water Pressure Gauges and Meters, Gallonage and Flow
  1. Air Pressure Gauge for Reverse Osmosis Water Accumulator Tanks -1000

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    As low as: $12.99
    Air pressure gauge for reverse osmosis water accumulator tanks - Specially calibrated for reverse osmosis system tanks. Scale from 1 to 20 PSI. Large scale reading over small PSI range allows optimum accuracy. Just like car tires lose air pressure, so does the bladder of your reverse osmosis water accumulator tank. Improper tank air pressure will cause your system to operate improperly. This is a must for all reverse osmosis system owners. Learn More
  2. Tank water pressure meter kit for reverse osmosis system

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    As low as: $17.99
    Tank pressure meter kit for reverse osmosis system. SG-100 2 1/2" dry meter. Range 0-100 PSI. Includes Tee and hex nipple for tank valve installation. Tank shut off valve optional. Easy installation. Learn More
  3. Reverse Osmosis membrane water pressure meter kit

    Regular Price: $32.99

    Special Price $19.99

    As low as: $17.99
    Reverse Osmosis membrane pressure meter kit - Add this kit to your standard reverse osmosis system membrane housing to determine the incoming water pressure that is being applied to the RO membrane. This is a great way to monitor the pressure on the membrane. Easy installation. Learn More
  4. Gallonage Meter - 100 - 1,800 Adjustable Gallon Auto Shut Off Valve

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    Gallonage Meter - 100 - 1,800 Gallon Auto Shut Off - Variable setting up to 1,800 gallons. Once the setting is reached the valve closes and won't allow more water to flow. Great way to let you know when your filters have reached their maximum life and they are due to be changed. Comes with 1/4" Jaco Tube connectors. #WM-2000-W Easy installation and use. Learn More